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Company Profile

Our company was established in 2013, and since its inception has undertaken various contracts for water well drilling (monitoring and test pumping) & explorations in northern Namibia.

Through this, we have established an outstanding record of finishing projects on time. Many projects have been done under difficult geological & climatic conditions, validating that we understand the environment, sensitivities and regulations needed to execute projects in remote locations.

Our people

We are proud of our dedicated staff and the knowledge & experience they offer in all aspects on Environmental & Geotechnical investigations including:

  •  State of the art drilling
  • Complicated sampling techniques
  • Maintenance & repairs of equipment
  • Installation of solar systems & Pumps

Aqua Drilling staff is with us since startup of our company.

Drilling Machines


The Mudrotary Drill Rig is a AGBO 600G mounted on a 6x4 Iveco Truck.

  • Pullback: 20 ton
  • Compressor: 280 CFM/175 PSI
  • Diameter: 5” (inch) – 26” (inch)
  • Drilling Depth: 600m
  • Centrifugal Pump: 180mᶟ/h
  • Piston Pump: 60mᶟ/h


Our Mudrotary or Compression Drill Rig is a SuperRock 1000 mounted on a Mercedes Truck 6x4

  • Pullback: 20 ton
  • Compressor: 900 CFM/24 Bar
  • Diameter: 6” – 17”
  • Drill Depth: 300m
  • Centrifugal Pump: 200m³/h
  • Collars: 8’’ 28m
  • Drilling Rod: 4,5’’ 300m


  • Water Bowser is a 6x6 MAN , which has the capacity of 14 000L.
  • 100 Casing Carrier is a 6x6 SAMIL .
  • Rod Carrier is a 6x6 MAGIRUS Truck.
  • Supply Truck is a Mercedes Benz 1113.
  • We have a Test Pump Trailer with a 3mᶟ/h test pump and a 10mᶟ/h test pump.
  • 15kva Mobile Genset
  • Gas Welding Set & all general tools

Repair and Maintenance Facilities

Aqua drilling has a complete Toolbox & Service kits/parts on site. If extra/special parts are needed they will be available within 48h.