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Drilling Rigs

  • Mud Rotary drilling from 7 ⁷⁄₈” (inch) to 17 ⅟₂” (inch)
  • The depth of the Mud Rotary Drilling is from 0-300m

Solar Panels & Pumps

Aqua Drilling provides a full solar system for the pumping of boreholes, this includes the installation of the solar pump as well as the solar panel.

Solar Panel
The Solar Panels we use are 270W Canadian Solar panels, these are mounted on a 2m high stand which enables the customer to wipe them down regularly.

NB: These panels are high voltage!

Solar Pumps
We make use of:
  • Grundfos SQFlex 1.2.3 it pumps 1.2  m²/h and can be used up to 200m of depth.
  • Grundfos SQFlex 2.5.2 it pumps 2.5  m²/h and can be used up to 80m of depth.
We recommend these pumps, as they can be used with Solar Panel as well as a Generator.

Tank Installation

Aqua Drilling also offers Water Tank Installations. Our Tank stands are custom built.